March 2011 Status Report

2010 AGMs of the Old Wivenhoe Quay Estate Management Company (OWEM) and the Wivenhoe Old Quay Residents’ Association (WOQRA)

Yellow Road MarkingsThe AGMs were held on the 15th March in the Wivenhoe Congregational Church. At the meeting we distributed 2010 annual reports of OWEM and WOQRA. The meeting was attended by about 14 households–minutes are available for both the OWEM and WOQRA meetings.

Road Surfacing

At the AGM we handed out documents provided to us by TDS that describe the plans for traffic calming measures. Many residents will have noticed the yellow markings on the site roads that correspond to the plans. Although the documents are labelled Phase1B and Phase2 these names are historical and have no impact on the order in which the road surfacing will be carried out (we have been informed that final road surfacing is anticipated to begin in late Spring 2011). We have contacted TDS to let them know residents’ views on the traffic calming measures and plan to meet with them to discuss them further.

WOQRA Committee

We are pleased to welcome Keith Baker and Simon Page to the WOQRA Committee. Keith and Simon volunteered following the AGM and have been co-opted onto the committee as non-officers.


There were comments at the AGM regarding the way in which the Police are aware of the parking problems on the site. We encourage residents to report ALL parking problems to Essex County Police, in particular Sgt Lou Middleton. His contact details are:

Alternatively, contact PC Mick Bond on his mobile. His contact details are:

Following the AGM, we were contacted by Councillor Ford who reported that PC Mick Bond had agreed to reconsider the severity of the parking problems on the site and to raise it as an issue at the Neighbourhood Action Panel in April 2011.


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