Summer 2012 Status Report

Road Surfacing

Great news: Persimmon have finally given the go-ahead to surface the roads. After much pestering we were told in late June that the work would start later this summer (despite being assured in January this year that the work would start in “8-12 weeks”). Persimmon have issued orders to their subcontractors and are planning a pre-start meeting on site: if anyone is interested in attending please get in touch with the Residents’ Association Secretary, Bernard Horan (or leave comment using the button below).

Dry Dock Water Feature

Algae on the surface of the water feature

The wrong kind of algae

Although the summer weather has been cold and there has been little sunshine, the algae in the water feature continues to defeat the mechanisms attempting to control it. Apparently, it’s the ‘wrong kind of algae.’ We understand that samples of the water are being taken at monthly intervals to try to determine the species/variety of algae, with the intention of trying to discover how it can be eradicated.

30th June 2012


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