Road Surfacing Update

Road Surfacing Update, Summer 2012

Work to resurface the roads on the Persimmon estate have been confirmed as ‘starting week commencing the 6th August’ according to TDS, Persimmon’s consultants managing the works. We have asked for a formal programme of works from TDS, which we hope to receive soon. However, informally, we understand that the ‘estimated duration of the work is approx 10 weeks which is obviously dependant on weather’ with the majority of the disruption taking place at the end of the works.

Blue Dots on Damaged Kerbs

We understand that the initial works will include repair/replacement of kerb stones (as indicated by blue dots), the installation of dropped kerbs and repairs to pavements, as well as the raising of ironworks (such as drain covers).

Based on the conversations we had with TDS during their recent pre-start visit, we expect access to the site to be restricted to only residents’ vehicles for at least a couple of days when the roads are actually being surfaced. This will mainly have an impact on vehicles who enter the site via Old Ferry Road, but will also affect those who use Shipwrights. This means that larger vehicles, such as delivery lorries, will not be able to access the site during these road restrictions. As soon as we have more information on the dates, we will let residents know. We have also requested TDS to inform residents directly.

We have no further news on parking restrictions, other than the information that Persimmon themselves are not responsible for painting yellow lines. We are currently waiting for more information from Essex Country Highways regarding the process of road adoption for the site.


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