Parking Consultation 2014

Many of you may have seen the parking consulation posters attached to lampposts around Wivenhoe. At first sight the poster appears to indicate that parking restrictions are proposed for Old Ferry Road and Shipwrights. For example, on page 2, relating to zone i, it states:

in all roads listed above it is proposed to amend the existing operational time of the parking bay to Monday – Friday 8am – 9:30am.

Old Ferry Road and Shipwrights are included in the ‘roads listed above’. It seems then, that the consultation indicates that these roads will be included. However, we are informed by Cllr Julie Young that this is not the case. In an email received from Cllr Young, she states

This consultation is small changes being made to existing schemes including charges to how parking permits are administered. Old Ferry rd is mentioned due to the double yellow lines at the entrance… This consultation is nothing to do with the request for parking restrictions in Old Ferry rd.

She also forwarded to us an email from Richard Walker, Parking Partnership Group Manager, North Essex Parking Partnership:

In this case, not resident parking, no – but instead a tiny amount of existing double yellow just flows into the bell-mouth of Old Ferry Road off the new roundabout. From looking at the map (click on the Station Road map to see it) there’s only about 25m of it, but it’s far enough into the road for the road to get a mention.

As part of the Resident Parking changes we’re moving form an old text-based set of Parking Regulations to a more up-to-date computer mapped set.
In this case it’s only mentioned because it’s in the area, and has to be mentioned simply because it’s moving onto the new mapped regulation sheet.

Looks like there’s a bit of confusion because other restrictions are wanted, beside this existing one, and this change mentions Resident Parking.

For the rest of Old Ferry Road, we’d probably be looking to consult on the need to introduce, rather than just change, the system.
To introduce means some consultations and questionnaires and resident/interested parties input – outside the scope of this existing-scheme review.

So, although there are no proposals for residents parking, it appears that the proposed parking restrictions will include double yellow lines in the first few metres of Old Ferry Road, which will at least reduce some of the parking problems on the entrance.


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