April 2015 Status Report

2014 AGMs of the Old Wivenhoe Quay Estate Management Company (OWEM) and the Wivenhoe Old Quay Residents’ Association (WOQRA)

The AGMs were held on the 6th March 2014 in the Wivenhoe Royal British Legion hall. At the meeting we distributed the WOQRA 2014 Annual Report. The meeting was attended by about 16 households–minutes are available for the WOQRA AGM.

Neighbourhood Plan Update

The steering group of the Wivenhoe Neighbourhood Plan recently finalised the Vision & Objectives document which is based on Wivenhoe residents’ comments and feedback from a number of consultations that were held over the past two years. These Objectives will eventually lead into policies for the draft Neighbourhood Plan. The document has been placed on line on the WNP’s website: www.wivenhoeneighbourhoodplan.org.uk and is open to comments from Wivenhoe residents.

 5th April 2015


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One response to “April 2015 Status Report

  1. matt.laverack@gmail.com

    Many thanks for the update and your work on our behalf.

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