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April 2018 Update

The Dry Dock water feature has been full of water since last summer’s intervention by Colchester Borough Council [CBC], but the facility has not been full functioning, with the filtration system switched off and the pumps non-operational. In the meantime, legal routes to enforce Persimmon’s compliance have been taken forward by CBC, albeit delayed by Persimmon, who have played other games (still ongoing) to defer or avoid their responsibilities.  CBC’s legal department has matters clearly in their sights, so we might anticipate a resolution of this situation before long.

The next AGM of the management company is planned for early June, and notification will be placed on this site when a time and location are finalised.


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Dry Dock – April 2017 Update: Enforcement Action Deadline

Colchester Borough Council have formally written to Persimmon Homes to say that they will instigate legal enforcement action by 9th May if the developer does not either (i) refill the feature and turn the pumps on; (ii) submit an alternative solution via the Preliminary Enquiry procedure or (iii) submit a planning application to vary the original condition.

As residents a key concern is that the developer will take option (ii) or (iii) and prolong the current operational failure for an extended period.

Further, the concern would be that whatever alternative is presented under (ii) or (iii), it will be an inadequate solution, primarily aimed at saving the developer the cash required to implement the original scheme.

We will remain in active discussion with the Council to move matters forward, and will post any updates here.





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Annual General Meeting March 2017

The joint AGM of Old Wivenhoe Quay Estate Management Co. Ltd. and the Wivenhoe Old Quay Residents’ Association was held at 4pm, Saturday 18th March in the Legion, The Quay, CO7 9BX.

Minutes and actions are available here:

OWQEM – AGM Minutes 2017-03-18


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