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April 2015 Status Report

2014 AGMs of the Old Wivenhoe Quay Estate Management Company (OWEM) and the Wivenhoe Old Quay Residents’ Association (WOQRA)

The AGMs were held on the 6th March 2014 in the Wivenhoe Royal British Legion hall. At the meeting we distributed the WOQRA 2014 Annual Report. The meeting was attended by about 16 households–minutes are available for the WOQRA AGM.

Neighbourhood Plan Update

The steering group of the Wivenhoe Neighbourhood Plan recently finalised the Vision & Objectives document which is based on Wivenhoe residents’ comments and feedback from a number of consultations that were held over the past two years. These Objectives will eventually lead into policies for the draft Neighbourhood Plan. The document has been placed on line on the WNP’s website: and is open to comments from Wivenhoe residents.

 5th April 2015


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Spring 2014 Update


Dry Dock Maintenance

After much delay, we have been successful in getting Persimmon to give the go ahead to refurbish the benches and bollards around the Dry Dock water feature, as well as to replace the tree that died over 18 months ago. A new tree has now been planted and we’ve been told by Persimmon’s contractors that the work will begin in the next few weeks.

In other news…

We have heard from Persimmon’s consultants, TDS, that they are arranging a meeting between the managers at Essex County Highways and Persimmon’s representatives to try to resolve the issue of the adoption of West Quay and Dry Dock (more information on this in our previous blog post). It’s expected that this meeting will take place mid-May.

According to the Colchester Borough Council planning website, the planning permission request to build homes on Rowhedge Wharf has been withdrawn.

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April 2014 Status Report

2013 AGMs of the Old Wivenhoe Quay Estate Management Company (OWEM) and the Wivenhoe Old Quay Residents’ Association (WOQRA)

The AGMs were held on the 13th March 2013 in the Wivenhoe Royal British Legion hall. At the meeting we distributed the WOQRA 2013 Annual Report. The meeting was attended by about 14 households–minutes are available for the WOQRA AGM. Since the AGMs there have three several items of news.


As stated in the WOQRA Annual Report, we were waiting to hear from Councillor Julie Young about her attempt to persuade the North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) that the Persimmon development should not be subjected to its five-year moratorium on new parking restrictions. We understand from Cllr Young that £15,000 had been made available to undertake consultations with residents, but that the NEPP were still unwilling to consider the Persimmon development to be a special case. She has since met with representatives from Essex County Council highways department to attempt to resolve the issue. Councillor Young has now put in a local highways application, supported by the Residents’ Association, and is waiting to hear the response from the Local Highways Panel which meets on 9th April. The application states the wishes of the residents to introduce double-yellow line restrictions at junctions in addition to a request for consultation on the available parking restrictions (such as permit parking) with all the residents that may be affected (which also includes residents of the Bovis site).

Adoption of West Quay by Essex County Council

As also stated in the Annual Report, we were waiting to hear a response to Persimmon’s request that West Quay and Dry Dock be adopted by Essex County Council (ECC). Cllr Young had written to ECC on to proffer her support for Persimmon’s request. At the end of March, we received a response from  Mr Coffey, the Development Management Engineer at ECC, in which he states

In principal [sic] we agree as a Highway Authority that areas that have a proven highway need can be looked at for adoption.

However, it seems that some paperwork is missing or is now out of date. Mr Coffey informed us that he is seeking direction from within ECC about what information is needed from Persimmon (and other parties) before he is able to proceed. We have brought this email to the attention of Persimmon and their consultants and have been told that they will engage with Mr Coffey in this matter.

Site Maintenance

At the beginning of April Persimmon finally gave the go-ahead to its contractors to refurbish the bollards and iron benches in the Dry Dock. However, we understand that the contractors have not been issued with instructions to replace the dead tree near number 17 Dry Dock. We are currently attempting to discover why Persimmon made this decision.

6th April 2013

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Parking Consultation 2014

Many of you may have seen the parking consulation posters attached to lampposts around Wivenhoe. At first sight the poster appears to indicate that parking restrictions are proposed for Old Ferry Road and Shipwrights. For example, on page 2, relating to zone i, it states:

in all roads listed above it is proposed to amend the existing operational time of the parking bay to Monday – Friday 8am – 9:30am.

Old Ferry Road and Shipwrights are included in the ‘roads listed above’. It seems then, that the consultation indicates that these roads will be included. However, we are informed by Cllr Julie Young that this is not the case. In an email received from Cllr Young, she states

This consultation is small changes being made to existing schemes including charges to how parking permits are administered. Old Ferry rd is mentioned due to the double yellow lines at the entrance… This consultation is nothing to do with the request for parking restrictions in Old Ferry rd.

She also forwarded to us an email from Richard Walker, Parking Partnership Group Manager, North Essex Parking Partnership:

In this case, not resident parking, no – but instead a tiny amount of existing double yellow just flows into the bell-mouth of Old Ferry Road off the new roundabout. From looking at the map (click on the Station Road map to see it) there’s only about 25m of it, but it’s far enough into the road for the road to get a mention.

As part of the Resident Parking changes we’re moving form an old text-based set of Parking Regulations to a more up-to-date computer mapped set.
In this case it’s only mentioned because it’s in the area, and has to be mentioned simply because it’s moving onto the new mapped regulation sheet.

Looks like there’s a bit of confusion because other restrictions are wanted, beside this existing one, and this change mentions Resident Parking.

For the rest of Old Ferry Road, we’d probably be looking to consult on the need to introduce, rather than just change, the system.
To introduce means some consultations and questionnaires and resident/interested parties input – outside the scope of this existing-scheme review.

So, although there are no proposals for residents parking, it appears that the proposed parking restrictions will include double yellow lines in the first few metres of Old Ferry Road, which will at least reduce some of the parking problems on the entrance.

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How Many Admirals?

Admiral's Walk

Admiral’s Walk

It’s been drawn to our attention that Persimmon seem to have been unable to agree on the spelling for one of their roads that was recently adopted. As shown in the photographs here, Persimmon have provided street signs with  Admiral’s Walk as well as Admiral Walk. Bovis, on the other hand (whose roads are yet to be adopted) have managed to consistently use the accepted spelling of Admirals Walk, despite the lack of apostrophe (perhaps following Devon’s ban on street names with apostrophes?)

Admirals Walk

Admiral Walk

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Roads finally adopted

The wrangling over the adoption of the roads on the Persimmon estate has finally been resolved. The Residents’ Association was informed in January that Essex County Council adopted the roads at the end of November 2013. However, not all of the site has been adopted. We have been provided with a survey that shows the extent of the highways that have been adopted by Essex CC: Persimmon are still negotiating with ECC for the adoption of West Quay.

In the short term, the adoption of the roads will have little impact on residents. However, now that ECC have adopted the roads, they also  become responsible for parking and traffic management on the site.

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April 2013 Status Report

2012 AGMs of the Old Wivenhoe Quay Estate Management Company (OWEM) and the Wivenhoe Old Quay Residents’ Association (WOQRA)

The AGMs were held on the 19th March 2013 in the Wivenhoe Royal British Legion hall. At the meeting we distributed the WOQRA 2012 Annual Report. The meeting was attended by about 20 households–minutes are available for the WOQRA AGM.

Wivenhoe Neighbourhood Plan Forum

We have been asked by Wivenhoe Town Council to bring to residents’ attention the inauguration of a Wivenhoe Neighbourhood Plan Forum, more details of which are available on the Wivenhoe Town Council website. The next meeting will be held at Wivenhoe Town Council Offices at 1930 hrs on Wednesday 10th April 2013, to which all residents are invited.

3rd April 2013

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